Using pearl Luxury Eye Shadow plate to create dreamy romantic eye makeup

Pink eye makeup gives people a sense of eternity and romance. In addition to a variety of pleasing background colors, soft, ruddy neutral tones create a dreamy and charming effect – just like you look at your face through rose glasses. Create a relaxed and romantic makeup, which looks particularly eye-catching in the office and on the set during dating.

Step 1. Apply your muscle base. Apply a soft pink shadow on the eyelids with a fluffy blend brush of No. 5 brush 03

Step 2. Define creases. Apply shade 04 (a soft matte Brown) to the creases of the eyes with a No. 6 or other crease brush. Mix the color from the outer corner of the eye until about half of the crease. Sweep shade 04 along the lower eyelash line.

Step 3. Add satin finish. Now take shade 02, a satin pearl beige, and apply it to the whole cover, mixing from the inner corner to the outer corner. We used brush No. 4 in this step.

Step four. Smoke it out. For a subtle smoke definition, add a small crease brush (such as brush No. 7), then use brush No. 5, grayish brown, and define the external V of the eye.

Step 5. Add a little shimmer. Tap shade 06 (a shiny peach top hat) to the center of the eyelid with your fingers to create a shiny halo effect.

Step 6. Apply mascara. For long and elegant eyelashes, please curl your eyelashes and apply lengthened mascara. For the purpose of lasting curling effect, it is recommended to curl eyelashes, apply a thin mascara, and then curl again after the mascara is completely dried.

Step 7. Finish appearance. The foundation is applied to the hollow of the cheeks, forehead and chin. The blush color is smeared on apples and cheeks to create beautiful, glossy pink lips.

Post time: Mar-09-2022