There are 4 ways to draw eye shadow. It is nice to draw according to the eye type.

The fundamental purpose of make-up is to make full use of advantages and avoid disadvantages, and to modify the deficiency of one’s plain face. For example, eye makeup, although the overall area is not large, but the use of makeup color is quite a lot. You can draw natural and beautiful eye makeup according to your own eye shape.

1.Single eyelid needs to deepen contour

When making a single eyelid makeup, you can properly increase the upper part of the eye and the part of the eye, and use the ivory matte Eyeshadow for the eye base. The golden copper eye shadow is dyed under the upper eyelid 1/2 places, and initially deepen the outline of the eyes. The lower eyelids are lightly stained with caramel colored eye shadow.

2.The inner binocular type should be aggravated

Take a small amount of light brown eye shadow and paint it from the eye. Take a small amount of brown eyeshadow, blot the posterior part of the socket and fill the triangle area behind the lower eyelid. Spread it a little wider.

3.Double eyelids need to be raised in the middle of the eyes

Double eyelid is more suitable to try multi-color eye makeup. First, evenly apply a shallow layer of eye shadow to the bottom. The dark part is only smeared on the front corner, behind the eye and the lower eyelid. The middle part of the eyelid is coated with gloss.

4.Small eyes need to increase the range of eye shadow.

Girls with small eyes can use eye shadow with three colors or more, and use upper and lower structure to paint. After finishing the eye shadow, find the appropriate location of the silkworm, brush a small amount of golden eye shadow with a brush, and then combine the light eye shadow to draw the silkworm.

Attention: the girl who painted eye makeup should pay special attention to the problem of removing eye makeup. Need to choose Eye Lip dedicated makeup removal products, and apply for a while and then unload, thoroughly remove makeup every day in order to avoid damage to the skin.

Post time: Feb-25-2021