Makeup brush set and single brush function explanation


1. Honey powder brush

Dip in the loose powder and gently sweep it evenly on the face, focusing on the T area and both sides of the nose


2. Powder Blusher Brush

Dip in Blush Powder and gently sweep it back and forth from the cheekbone or Apple muscle like the temple


3. Concealer brush

Accentuate the shadow area of the cheeks and modify the facial contour


4. highlight brush

Fan shaped brush head design, powder evenly, can dip in high gloss powder to decorate the face


5. nose shadow brush

Decorate the angular contour lines such as the lateral wings of the nose to make the makeup more three-dimensional


6. lip brush

Outline the lip line and apply lipstick


7. eyebrow brush

Outline the eyebrow shape and fill in the eyebrow color


8. Smudge Brush

It is applicable to the upper part of the eyes and the eye socket area, with a natural transition of dizziness and dyeing, and a layered eye makeup


9. Blending brush

Rich hair, friendly powder grip, suitable for large-area rapid priming at eyelids


10.medium eyeshadow brush

Arc shaped bristles, suitable for local halo dyeing of eye shadow, pearlescent brightening


11.eye detail brush

It is used for deepening small-scale details such as eye tail and lower eyelid


12. small eye brush

It is applicable to the lower triangle area of the eye and the eye makeup of lying silkworm, and the tail of the eye is dizzy


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Post time: Jul-13-2022