How to Use Lipstick Correctly?

1.Remove dead skin and moisturize lips. Generally, we need to regularly remove the dead skin on the lips. Sometimes, the dry skin on the mouth should also be removed. 10 minutes before makeup, we should apply lipstick on the lips, wet the lips, and then use a paper towel to remove lipstick grease.

2.Draw lines with a lip pencil. We should cultivate the good habit of using lip liner. It can help us outline the appropriate contour so that we can not smear it out, and it can also make lipstick more three-dimensional and stylish.

3.Treatment of labial peak. A little change in the lip peak will make a big change in our style, but generally, the lipstick with higher saturation is a slightly pointed M lip. Naked makeup or colors with slightly smooth lines

4.Treatment of the lower lip. For girls with thick lower lips, it is better not to smear too plump, but to draw with a lip pencil from the corners of the mouth. For girls with thin lower lip, try to outline the middle of the lower lip slightly with lip line to make it fuller and fuller.

5It is believed that many people have turned out lipstick for too long, and it was accidentally broken. Don’t worry. Just melt the lipstick and the remaining lipstick with a lighter at the section where it was broken. You can also put lipstick in the refrigerator and freeze it for a few minutes. It will be better to let the whole lipstick set.


Method one of applying lipstick

How to make lipstick more natural and beautiful?

1, apply vitamin E to your mouth, gently massage, and wipe the dead skin off your mouth with a paper towel.

2 Gently rub the concealer on the lips and evenly press it to make the concealer closer to the lips.

3 First draw the perfect lip line with a lip liner. (Easy to learn the method of lip line drawing) It can teach you how to draw a perfect lip line.

4 Choose the lipstick that suits you, refer to (how to choose the lipstick that suits you best (tips), and rub it evenly with a lip brush.

5 Rub the lipstick again, and remember to rub the lipstick that is one degree lighter than lipstick.

Method Two of applying lipstick

how to keep your lips makeup on?

1. Before make-up, moisturize lips and remove dead skin.

2. Because everyone has different makeup, the lips are painted differently. After the first layer of lipstick is applied, if it is foggy lipstick, apply it gently with a cotton swab, because the foggy lipstick is easy to get stuck. Remember, do not apply it from left to right, but apply it up and down along the lip line, just a thin layer. If it is a lip glaze, the lip glaze itself is very moist, and there is no card pattern, but the lip glaze is slightly sticky. Pay attention to the choice of quantity to apply. 

3. After the first layer of lipstick is applied, if it is foggy lipstick, there is a thin layer of lipstick on the surface of the foggy lipstick, which is not so dry and not so bright. At this time, the second layer of lipstick is applied to add some weight to the mouth. If it is a lip glaze, the left hand picks up a 2/3 layer of paper drawer, stands right in front of the lips, and gently presses on the mouth. The right hand holds a powder puff with a little powder, and gently presses the lips through the paper drawer. On the one hand, the lip glaze is relatively bright, and the paper drawing absorbs too much lip glaze, which is conducive to keeping the lips dry; On the other hand, loose powder is used for shaping. After these processes, you can go out beautifully.

Method Three of applying lipstick

How to draw cute and sexy lip makeup?

1 When painting lip makeup, you should close your lips gently first, and gently draw out the lip shape with powder matte lipstick, which is the contour of your lips; Next, apply dark lipstick evenly to the contour with a lip brush; Finally, press the lipstick gently with makeup paper in the order of the corner of the lips and the middle of the corner of the lips. If the lipstick falls off, apply it again. 

2 It should be noted that the lipstick should be applied thin and evenly, and the color of lipstick should be coordinated with the makeup color, eye shadow and clothing. If you want to show the three-dimensional sense of the lips, you can use dark lipstick on the outer contour of the lips, light lipstick on the inside, or apply honey texture lip oil on the highlight in the middle of the lower lip, which can make the lips plump and shiny. 

3 How to choose the lipstick color? If the mouth is large and the lips are thick, try to avoid light color or pearlescent lipstick; On the contrary, if the lips are thin and the mouth is small, avoid dark lipstick. As for the specific color, it is brownish red, which is simple and suitable for older women; Orange red, with warm color and youthful vitality, is suitable for MM with strong youthful flavor; Pink or peach, with lovely color, suitable for girls’ makeup; Rose red, with elegant, gorgeous, charming and mature color, makes the makeup color look dazzling and has a wide range of applications, suitable for mature women; Vermilion, active and gentle, suitable for mature MM with white skin; Brown, more suitable for stage and special makeup; Dousha red, looks natural and simple, and the mature age MM with stable personality is the best.

Post time: Nov-16-2022