How to clean the makeup brush

A woman’s make-up brush should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. So how to clean the make-up brush?


There are two ways to clean the make-up brush, one is powder washing, the other is water washing.

Powder / Talcum dry cleaning

Rinse the powder brush in the powder until the powder is dirty and the brush is clean.

The simplest way is to use a brush to dip a little powder on the paper, and then rub it in the same direction.


Make up brush material is divided into animal hair and man-made fiber.

Animal hair is suitable for powder washing. Such as powder painting, blush painting, eye shadow painting. If you want to change the color temporarily, you can wash it directly with dry powder to remove the color and powder of the brush.


And artificial fiber is not too much concern, such as foundation brush, Eyeliner paste brush. It can be washed with water. The specific methods are as follows:


Warm water + detergent cleaning

1. Wet the bristles (pay attention to hold the mouth tube of the brush and the joint part of the bristles without water) and let the bristles face down.

2. Pour out the lotion on the palm of your hand. Push out gently with your fingertips in the direction of the bristles. 

3.Use your fingertips to gently push out along the direction of the bristles until the remnants of the cosmetics are completely washed away, and then rinse with water.

4.After washing, put a towel or paper towel on the table to absorb the water, arrange the bristles, and then dry in the shade.



5. After drying, gently rub the bristles with your hands, and then flick them with your fingers to restore their fluffy state. A brush that is not used for a while can be inserted into the bottle (or bagged) with the head up.

Make up brush cleaning mistakes

Mistake 1: the brush should be rubbed and twisted vigorously, so that the brush can be washed clean

The bristles of the brush are actually very fragile, so when cleaning, try to be as light and soft as baby. When necessary, you can use some tools to help, which can not only protect the brush, but also wash it more cleanly!

Mistake 2: when soaking brush cleaning solution, the longer the bubble, the cleaner it is

Usually, the soaking time is about 1 minute. After that, as long as the brush is cleaned, and there is no residual cosmetics on the toilet paper.

Mistake 3: when washing the brush, you must flush the whole brush 360 degrees to make it clean

When cleaning the brush, the water can only be flushed down the direction of the hair flow, and the joint between the pen holder and the brush hair should not touch the water as far as possible, so as to avoid the glue falling off at the joint, resulting in the phenomenon of hair removal or damage of the brush. If the pen holder is soaked in water, it is also easy to cause mildew!

Mistake 4: put the brush in the sun to dry and sterilize after washing

Basically, after the brush is cleaned, first use toilet paper or clean towel to absorb the excess water, then hang it on the brush holder to dry in the shade, or lay it flat. Never use the upside down method to let the water flow into the penholder.

Mistake 5: brush does not dry for several days, use hair dryer to speed up air drying.The brush is only suitable for indoor natural drying, using the blower hot air drying will damage the brush hair, increase the speed and chance of the brush broken!

Post time: Feb-25-2021