How do beginners paint light makeup?

For beginners, it is better to start with the simplest monochrome or two-color eye shadow rather than buying a plate of colorful eye shadow. If you choose a multi-color eye shadow palette, you may not know what color to use. The use of too many colors makes it easy for novices to apply their eye makeup dirty, with no sense of hierarchy.

In terms of color selection, you can choose the earth color system, which is more daily and versatile, and is not easy to make mistakes.

The drawing method of vertical halo dye is not eye catching, which is very simple and easy for beginners. After selecting two similar eye shadow, first brush the light eye shadow on the eyelids in a small range, and then use the dark eye shadow to “fold up”. Let’s see the following demonstration and draw together!

First, use the eye shadow color that is similar to the skin color and darker.


It covers the entire upper eyelid from the head of the eye to the corner of the eye, And the lying silkworm part close to the lower eyelashes.

Step 1: Select a halo dye brush, select a medium color or dark color in the eye shadow palette, and use it as the base color to spread it on the eyelid, and the halo dye will reach below the eye socket., And then vertically halo away.


Step 2: Dip a medium flat eye shadow brush with a light color in the middle and apply it to the front half of the eye fold, then slowly smear it from the front to the top, brush it from the back to the front along the eye socket, and draw it more carefully in the front.


Step 3: Dip a flat brush in the brightest pearlescent color in the eye shadow plate to brighten the position of the eyebrow bone and eye head, so as to create a sense of transparency.


Step 4: Dip champagne golden eye shadow, point at the center of the eyelid, select a suitable halo dye brush, and then halo dye the border of the eye shadow.


Post time: Oct-20-2022