Eye makeup-BD9-C

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Wholesale high quality blendable high pigment matte shimmer private label 9 color eyeshadow palette pan .

Product Detail

First one:High pigmented cruelty free-Supper pigmented and soft creamy powder, match most skin tone to make the makeup look brighter.Cruelty free not test on animal.


This time, even a novice can draw a very professional blending effect, so this time the eye makeup boldly used multiple blending.

The first step: first choose the matte beige eyeshadow and smear the eyelids as a primer. This step is very important to ensure that the eyelids are clean and dry, and the subsequent eyeshadows can draw clean and beautiful blooming effects more easily.

Step 2: Next, choose a blend of light brown and brown eyeshadows to paint inside the double eyelids. In this step, you can draw more freely. It doesn’t matter if the edges are rough. The subsequent adjustments will be done. Choose a clean blending brush to apply light brown eyeshadow, and repeat the blending at the boundary line of the eyeshadow you just painted until the eyeshadow transitions naturally.

First two:Waterproof and long lasting-smooth powder and long-lasting colors, keep your perfect eye shadow makeup for a long time. Can last for all day long. Easy to blend eye shadows that can be applied wet or dry. 

First three:Dlendable and easy to apply-blendable shades suitable for professional use or domestic use, as well as makeup tutorial and beginners. Pigmented shades from ultra matte to shimmery mattalic shades and has everything you have to transfer to the eyelids.

Autumn pink 9 Color Eye Shadow plate, creating a romantic atmosphere and sunset luster, so that the eyes full of romantic temperament.

Flawless texture: coffee shop's soft texture and shimmering flash type, jewelry's brilliance and clear light. High gloss Jewelry: using high transparent flash and high technology to make the glittering luster shine

Color system: Jewelry: pictures of the day, fairy tale world, "love is the time"; Cafe: naked sunset, pink muhly, romantic place, muhly land, midnight appointment; light color: sunset muhly.

Usage: apply it on eyes with fingers or brush. For JOYO eye shadow, please use your fingers for longer smear.

Hint: eye shadow can be applied to the entire eyelid, and can also be used as a sharp color. Use eye shadow according to your taste! Wherever you want to be, you want to make your body special.

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